Thursday, June 02, 2011

HOWTO-Run a local Linux server for PHP development on a Windows PC

Download and install

Download the CentOS 5.5 iso from

Create a new LInux virtual machine in vmware player
mount the iso

Start the virtual machine
Install CentOS chose as minimal install as possible

when you are done follow the blog posting at

Setup and configure samba

Get the IP address of the linux machine (if this is a vm that is directly attached to the LAN then it is a good idea to change the DHCP lease to a static one if possible or give it a static IP address)

get the ip with ifconfig

Make an entry in the hosts file on windows

XXXXXXXXXX linuxdev.local

Make sure that any interfering firewalls (windows firewall or iptabels does not interfere)

Map the created network share on Windows

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