Thursday, September 02, 2010

Android development - unable to open ..apk! file

Today when continuing my escapades in Android development I ran into an error in Eclipse.
I just started Eclipse and I was going to build the package when the following error was displayed in the console window. 

[2010-09-02 20:15:11 - Droidulus] ERROR: unable to open 'D:\...\Programming\android\Droidulus\trunk\bin\resources.ap_' as Zip file for writing
[2010-09-02 20:15:11 - Droidulus] Error generating final archive: D:\...\Programming\android\Droidulus\trunk\bin\Droidulus.apk (The system cannot find the path specified)
[2010-09-02 21:32:20 - Droidulus] ------------------------------
[2010-09-02 21:32:20 - Droidulus] Android Launch!
[2010-09-02 21:32:20 - Droidulus] adb is running normally.
[2010-09-02 21:32:20 - Droidulus] Could not find Droidulus.apk!
[2010-09-02 21:33:25 - Droidulus] ------------------------------

After verifying that the path and the files were located where Eclipse and the ADT plug in expected them to be, and that no other compilation bugs was lurking I hit Google. Apparently there are quite a few mentions of this or similar error messages out there.

After nothing useful really showing in the results in 2 or 3 searches I grew impatient and started looking into the error myself.

The first thing I tried was to clean the project (Project Menu/Clean/Clean all).

This fixed the error message for me and I could go back to tinkering.

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